Does the green-eyed monster affect toes?

Part of my “medical team” as it is called at the VA has scolded me for wearing flip flops since I have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. It is understandable. The naked feet can suffer an injury which can become more easily affected leading to some real problems. Still, walking to the bathroom at night isn’t like hiking across the Himalayas. Or so I would think.

I have had to rethink my strategy since finding several small puddles of blood on my floor this morning. I looked and said “what the hell?” I found a small cut on the side of my big toe that I must have banged against my dresser while going to the bathroom during the night. Since I have numbness in my feet from diabetic neuropathy, I can’t feel a great portion of my toes.

What made me scratch my bald head this morning though was that my other toe, the one I didn’t slice open, felt as if someone was sticking a hot poker on it. I finally had to take sick leave after about three hours at work because a very sharp and severe pain was shooting down my right toe. It has finally relented, but I have no idea why my toe up and decided to hurt like hell this morning. Perhaps it was because I applied some antibiotic cream and bandaged the cut toe and the right toe became jealous. But I am applying an anti-fungal to my right toe. Hey, I’m taking care of you too, big guy!

I looked at some slippers earlier but I just hate wearing shoes, period, these days.

Jeez, what a wreck.