Dummies Times Dummies Equal Dummies Squared?

It seems as if every time you turn around there is a new “For Dummies” book. While walking into the library just this morning I found travel books to different countries such as “Honduras For Dummies.”

What started with “Dos For Dummies” in 1991, the series of reference books have become a phenomenon and it seems the publishers are always on the lookout for a new concept to be explained. If I was an expert on something I might write such a book but I don’t know if “Sleeping For Dummies” or “Breathing For Dummies” would be a big hit.

Nonetheless, here are a few suggestions for new books to add to the franchise which I am considering:

“Getting Hit On The Head By A Grand Piano For Dummies”
“Earwax For Dummies”
“Running From A Crazed Grizzly Bear For Dummies”
“Speaking To Mormon Missionaries For Dummies”
“Catching A Disease For Dummies”
“Playing Beethoven On A Tuba For Dummies”

And last but not least:
“Setting Your Pocket On Fire With A Butane Lighter While Walking Through A Gasoline Tank Farm And Living To Tell About It For Dummies.”

Yes, I can already see those royalty checks rolling in.

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