East is east and west is west

I finally know which way I am going

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Sometime you walk around seeking direction and other times you know where you have been. Say what? I don’t quite understand that myself, but I nonetheless had somewhat of an epiphany on my morning walk today. I realized that I know without the slightest hesitation which way is north, south, east and west. Earth shattering stuff, I know. But after seven years of living in Waco it is a welcome relief to know which direction you are traveling.

Waco, the city, was laid out along the Brazos River and thus is directionally challenged. Streets that run north and south are east and west. Those that go east and west are said to be running north and south. I suppose up is down. Down is up. And the poor Baylor University bear mascot must continually chase its tail.

Seven years in that place and I never knew where in Sam Hill I was. I may have been in Sam Hill for all I know. It’s nice to know I can find my way around town without a compass. Now if I can follow my internal moral compass, I will be in “bidness” as they say in Tejas.

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