Old Sayings Retirement Home No. 5

Blog’s latest saying stems from worthless criticism. God knows I’ve received my share of being criticized during my years as a journalist. But criticism only has value when applied legitimately rather than being used as an excuse to disagree on a point or blow the messenger down from the sky.

Someone criticized my piece about White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan. That anonymous critic asked if I was a reporter and said if so, I had a “wicked, wicked bias.” First of all, whomever it was who wrote seems unable to differentiate between bias and objectivity. Neither qualities particularly concern me in my blog. I am not working as a reporter right now. I am just writing to exercise a few muscles in my head. I have my biases as do we all. But while I had to be objective for almost 20 years as a reporter, I don’t have to right at the present. Furthermore, the good thing about the blogosphere like so many other forms of media is that you don’t have to read my blog if you don’t want to. So there. Ha! Now someone will criticize me for criticizing someone who critized me. Mess with me and I will post a Barry Manilow photo.


A friend and I went to see “Batman Begins” last night. I thought it was a good movie. It certainly surprised me in that it was much less of a cartoon, in the figurative sense, than I expected. As I told my friend afterwards, I mostly needed to see a picture where a lot of ass-whipping was taking place and this bit the fill.

Speaking of

Do you remember when cartoons ran before a movie started? That seems like a million years ago. Now they have ads, followed by the trailers, which are essentially more ads. I always was a Porky Pig fan. I guess his speech impediment is not so funny these days, but the fact that he wore a coat and no pants was always pretty hilarious. It was like saying: “I’m Porky and I don’t give a damn.” Even though he wouldn’t say it quite like that. I was so influenced by Porky not wearing pants that I from time-to-time use an expression about it to comment on something’s or someone’s usefulness. “He’s as useless as pants on a pig.” Well, it means something to me anyway. Hope you a) had a great weekend, b) are having a great weekend, or c)get the weekend you deserve. (or d) get trampled by a bull moose if you are an a**hole.)

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