Enough to give you (pricey) gas

Were it not for the fact that sky-high gasoline prices are aggravating, then hearing the varying explanation and/or justification each day would be a laugh riot.

It would seem the price of oil would be a simple enough culprit for analysts to blame but the reasoning for why gasoline is at $4.009 per gallon goes way beyond any reason if you are to believe half the people interviewed in the news. And, just by the way, I don’t believe about half or more of what I hear about the rationalization for higher gasoline.

I have to give my local daily newspaper, the Beaumont Enterprise, credit for this article. They just quote those who are being affected by the steep prices rather than to let us cut through all the caca de vaca as to why the cost is so high.

What is really sad — especially of those who live on the Gulf Coast — is that we will have to worry both about hurricanes striking us this summer as well as the even greater gas spikes the storms inevitably will bring if a hurricane approaches even 5,000 miles away from an offshore drilling rig.

So what or who is really behind the gasoline prices besides the high cost of oil, speculators, excessive demand and short refining capacity? Here are a few of my guesses:

***Bill and Hillary Clinton, at least that is what the GOPs will claim along with blaming our black Irish presumptive Dem nominee Barack O’Bama.


***The Hair Club for Men

***Global Warming

***The Sicilians


***El Nino

***La Nina



***The Late Saddam Hussein


***Britney Spears

***Charlie Sheen

***Spam (Hormel)

***Spam (Computer)



***Free Willy

And we could go on and on from here. Make up your own list. And feel free to put your name and mine up there. There is plenty of blame to go around, at least if you listen to the experts. It is enough to give one gas.

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