Tomatoes, Cabs and other scary wastes of time

WebMD notes today that “Samonella Tomato Warning Expanded.” In addition to that being interesting if not disturbing news if you eat tomatoes, the headline would, as Dave Barry might point out, be a great name for a rock band. “Tainted Tomatoes,” part of another WebMD hed also would be a good rock band name.

Bizarre band names have become so commonplace that no one, except maybe Dave Barry, muses over them these days. I thought about that yesterday watching some documentary about Bellingham, Washington’s own Death Cab for Cutie. (I am typing this in the public library so if a blank appears before Cab it will mean the computer’s nanny censoring system has just kept that bad old word from appearing that means that state which is the opposite of life. Get it? If that word appears never mind!)

Now I don’t know very much about Cutie’s Cab other than via this explanation on Wikipedia which says the band takes its name from a song on a 1967 album by Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, which is a right interesting name in its self. But at least this explanation appears to indicate some type of meaning behind the name where some bands in days past apparently lacked meaning such as Strawberry Alarm Clock but not so as with Captain Beefhart.

Oh well, it is just good to know I can sit here at the computer in the library and completely waste an hour thinking about our wonderful culture. Kudos to Cutie for an intriguing name.

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