For perfect irony, shouldn’t Michaele Salahi have run off with Mott the Hoople?

Here it is late Friday afternoon and I am falling down on the job. What job, you may ask? Good question. I don’t really get paid, or paid next to less than nothing, at least, for writing this. I am not really falling down either. Not yet. I might be later. I made another quick trip to and from Houston. This 160-180-mile roundtrip didn’t take me as long as the last one on Wednesday. And all I got was a stinkin’ ID card. But who cares, right?

Actually I have been trying to pitch a story or find a place to pitch a story since getting home from work. My long-time, big-city customer has become uber-local and it is much more difficult to sell that paper a story as a stringer as it used to be. I don’t take it personally though. The publication has long been a good customer and whenever they do need something, so far away from their readership base, in my area, they know they can count on me.

I hope folks have a great weekend and stay safe and don’t do anything stupid. I mean, I’m not saying anyone who reads this would do anything stupid, except, perhaps me.

Don’t run off with any rock stars either. Hey Tareq Salahi, seems like yo’ woman was “All the way to Memphis.