Mug of New England triple-homicide suspect gives Manson pics a run for its money

My friend Sally sent me a link to her local Massachusetts newspaper the other day with a story about a Hell’s Angel member who was arrested with two others in connection with the triple murder of three men who went missing in late August.

Caius Veiovis, one scary-looking mope, is thankfully being held without bond on multiple murder, kidnapping and witness intimidation charges. Photo courtesy of Berkshire County DA

It wasn’t so much the story that was compelling, being an alleged gang-related witness retaliation-type thing with three murders it would be interesting about anywhere in the U.S. What put the story off the charts and has given Sally’s city of Pittsfield worldwide attention is the mugshot of the Hell’s Angel member and suspect, Caius Veiovis, seen here.

Horn implants on the face of the 31-year-old gang member along with his “666” and other facial tats as well as painful-looking nasal piercings make Veiovis the face of evil perhaps not seen since the wild-eyed pictures of Charles Manson back in 1969. The daily newspaper The Berkshire Eagle reported that the mug has drawn worldwide attention. I guess going “viral” is an appropriate term for photos of someone who looks like this being spread around.

Berkshire County District Attorney David F. Capeless said Veiovis — who for God knows why changed his name from Roy Gutfinski — along with Adam Lee Hall, 34, and David Chalue, 41, were each charged with three counts of murder, kidnapping and witness intimidation. Capeless said in a press release that the remains of three victims, 44-year-old David Glasser, 58-year-old Edward Frampton and 47-year-old Robert Chadwell, all of Pittsfield, were found on Saturday and continued to be uncovered on Sunday.  Just to be fair I have decided to also run the mugs of his co-defendants since all three booking photos were provided by the Berkshire DA’s office.

David Chalue. In great company. Locked up with no bail. Photo courtesy of Berkshire County DA
Adam Lee Hall. No prize either. Photo courtesy of Berkshire County DA

The Boston Globe reported that Veiovis-Gutfinski had a criminal history which goes back to at least 1999 when he was arrested “after he and his teenage girlfriend allegedly slashed a 16-year-old’s back with a razor and drank the girl’s blood while they kissed one another.”

Can you spell “sociopath?” Sure you can. I’m sure many a person around the Berkshires share my friend Sally’s sentiment: “Sure glad he’s not walking the streets of Pittsfield anymore.”

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