Fox News does what it does best: Hypocrisy

Fox News, which can be sanctimonious as often as it can demonstrate a right-wing bias, jumped on the Denison, Texas, school district today for releasing the elementary school records of Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger III. Sullenberger was the United Airlines pilot who miraculously landed his Airbus A320 in New York’s Hudson River Thursday without any loss of life or life-threatening injuries.

The news story on the Fox News Web site said the district released the 57-year-old Sullenberger’s records, which were almost a half-century old, by accident. And even though Fox’s headline castigates the Denison district for giving out the private information, the network doesn’t see anything wrong with running a copy of those same records for all to see. Luckily Sullenberger was a very intelligent individual as a young man as well as in adulthood so perhaps the release won’t be too upsetting to him.

Sullenberger is rightfully being hailed as a hero for his actions. That is almost as obvious as his intelligence and his overwhelming luck. For as one news person noted yesterday, whenever a plane crashes rarely is just one thing that has gone wrong but it instead is a chain of events. All the events involved in the ditching yesterday, the flock of geese excepted, seemed to go right for Sullenberger, his crew and his very alive passengers.

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