From the “Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You Department:”

Republicans and other Obama haters kept brushing off the inevitable effects of sequestration until those souls thought the whole matter would just disappear. But guess what? Sequestration didn’t vanish. In fact the big fat buzzard that is sitting on top of our nation at the moment has begun to spread its mighty wings and is beginning what could be continued discomfort. One example is the airline industry.

259 United, land wherever you want to ...
259 United, land wherever you want to …

Passengers are feeling the pain in line. The FAA must furlough workers to save money. And those big ol’ jet airliners Steve Miller sung about some three decades ago are now beginning to gather dust, along with airline passengers. For you see, you can’t fly all the jets in the world when you have droves of air traffic control who aren’t allowed to go to work.

So now, grumpy old congressmen who had either forgotten about that “sequestration thing” or who had both index fingers in each ear going: “Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah … ” are looking incredulously at the FAA director and is shouting at him: “Why didn’t you tell us this would happen?” Thus a response from the man in charge of aviation and its infrastructure in America: “WTF?”

Thus sequestration fallout has landed in earnest. Pretty soon it will be landing in a town near you!!!

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