Fun while it lasted

It’s funny how criminals in the movies are so often portrayed as being cunning and ingenuous. So it is unlikely that anyone will ever make a movie about Charles Victor Thompson.

Thompson — who escaped from jail in Houston while awaiting a return to Death Row in Livingston, Texas — was captured Sunday by police in Shreveport, La. The cops found Chuckie drunk and on the pay phone. Well, I mean where else would you find an escaped murderer, right?

Police said he had help walking out of jail in street clothes but beyond that are no particular signs of ingenuity.

“There’s no way Chuck had the brain power for this,” John Donaghy, whose sister Thompson was convicted of killing, told the Associated Press. “He’s not the sharpest pencil in the box.”

Maybe he just wanted to get drunk one last time. And since he is on Death Row in Texas it likely will be his last time to tie one on.

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