Terrell who?

Probably the bit of news I have heard in the last couple of days that fails to even register on the “who-gives-a-crap” scale is the suspension of Philadelphia Eagles receiver Terrell Owens.

Owens is the typical spoiled, self-centered professional athlete who is really good at his job and really sucks at people skills. Good riddance I would say, except some other team will undoubtedly pick him up next year and pay him more money than he has sense.

Speaking of me, me, me, one thing that really rubs me the wrong way in pro football is excessive celebration. No, I’m not talking about players dancing in the end zone, or pulling out their cell phones to call their agents. If you really want to look like a jackass and you made a touchdown, then you have earned your right to look like a jackass. I’m talking about players who celebrate after every play. They make a block. They celebrate. They make a hit. They celebrate. They didn’t commit a penalty. They celebrate. They made it off the field without stepping on someone. They celebrate.

What they are celebrating is something called “doing their job.” Jeez, could you imagine if people in other professions celebrated each time they did their job. Imagine a dentist giving you a shot of novacaine. High five with the assistant. He drills out a massive hole in your mouth. He shouts: “Yes” and goes “moonwalking” around the room. He fills your tooth. He jumps up on the counter and shakes his ass. You pay the bill. He goes out and gets a hooker.

Well, maybe your dentist does that. People are just weird these days.

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