Getting thinner on Fat Tuesday

It seems fitting that today is Fat Tuesday.

My stomach has seemed to disagree with me during the afternoon. I wonder if it was the cheeseburger and fries I had for lunch? Not that I plan on giving up C-burger and fries for Lent. I just fell off the wagon.

Since learning of my apparent Type II diabetes I have started dieting somewhat. I say somewhat because my medical personnel at the VA haven’t told me squat about what kind of diet I should be following. I have had to take a crash course in diabetic chowology from the Internet and books. So I am not following any one course other than trying to eat less at one meal, eating healthier, eating non-fattening and lower carb snacks.

So far it seems to be working. As of Saturday I had lost eight pounds in two weeks. For some reason this morning when I woke up, my stomach felt smaller than normal. Maybe the diet doctors visited me during REM sleep. Plus, this pair of dress pants I wore to work today, a larger size than what I had been wearing, could use a belt where a week ago it felt tight.

I feel like something must be working although I am not at all pleased with the stomach upset. Hopefully it will go away soon. Maybe after I snack on some celery and carrots dipped in fat free ranch dressing. It’s not bad as a snack. Ditto for Cheerios. Well, maybe not today.

At least I haven’t reached the Kevin Smith point yet, where I would need to purchase two seats on an airliner. It reminds me of that old fat joke: He was so fat, if he had to haul ass he’d have to make two trips. Not PC, but perhaps there is meaning there.