Fox: When it comes to partisanship, nothing's too petty

This story off the Fox News Web site proves how nothing is too petty when it comes to carrying the propaganda water bucket (perhaps a little water boarding?) for the right wing.

“Hillary Clinton’s plane was grounded in Saudi Arabia Tuesday, forcing the secretary of state to hitch a ride on Gen. David Petraeus’ plane, outranking him in the process.”

The article supposedly is about Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s airplane needing repair in Saudi Arabia and how she hitched a ride with U.S. Central Command leader Gen. David Petraus. But Fox, ever the right wing tool, made the story about how Clinton “outranked” Petraus, making it seem as if she made the general sit on the plane at the little kids’ table. The article likewise mentions a second time that once the secretary of state boards the plane, she outranks the general. However, never does the story provide anything showing why that little nugget — since Petraus’ chain of command doesn’t include Hilary Clinton the validity of the claim is questionable — is in any way important.

Finally, Fox exhibits how right-wingers should at all costs should avoid humor.

“Since Petraeus is going to be swinging by Washington, D.C., he could schedule some meetings but that still is up in the air.”

Haw, haw! Did you let the cleaning lady write that? Oh, I’m sorry I’m sure the cleaning lady could do a much better job and perhaps even manage to be funny.