Giants-Patriots SB XLVI game better than most commericals with a few sweaty exceptions

What a great Super Bowl weekend. He said facetiously.

My weekend was spent with my jaw feeling as if it had been clobbered by Justin Tuck. It seems as if I somehow developed a TMD, which stands for temporomandibular joint disorder — and not some social disease get your head out of the gutter. That is the initial diagnosis I get having visited my VA “medical team” today. I didn’t even get to see my physician assistant, who is not a doctor, but who plays one in the VA clinic. Take an ibuprofen and see a dentist if it doesn’t get better. Then tell me, if it’s a medical problem, why should I spend money that I don’t have to see a dentist — I am not eligible to see one at the VA because of my patient status — who would likely say something is wrong with my molar(s) one way or another? Okay, rant out of the way. The ibuprofen is really doing the trick. He said facetiously.

The Super Bowl turned out to be a really good game, which was fortunate because the commercials that I really watch the game for when teams I have no interest in play — which has been pretty much the case in all but one game in the last 25 years — fell quite short.

My favorite commercials of all during this Super Bowl and pre-Super Bowl (hype) games were those of GEICO’s. The spot that made me roar in laughter despite a torturous jaw was the GEICO Gecko-meets-Richard Simmons.

Now pretty much anytime you have Richard Simmons “sweatin'” to something or other you can get a pretty good laugh. The poor gecko, in this outing, seemed as freaked as one might expect to see their Las Vegas hotel suite trashed in the morning. Sure you were out saving people money, little dude. Now it is understandable the gecko would become downright alarmed to see a deer wearing a lei come wandering out of the hallway. What a mess, what the deer and … why is Richard Simmons on the big-screen TV? But, wait, Richard Simmons in all his “glory” is in the room, exercising to himself on the TV. He shrieks upon sighting the gecko: “Hi!!! Come sweat with me me.”

Capping the hilarity is how the gecko backs slowly out of the room, away from Richard Simmons and quickly turns tail, fleeing from the little sweaty gay man. That is pure gold.

Maxwell, the GEICO pig, is also back from the zip-line commercial which didn’t do a lot for me. I suppose it is hard to top a supreme performance such as “Weee weee weee all the way home” of the original spot. This SB episode features Maxwell with his traditional “Weee … ” while zipping downhill on a street luge. Pulling up beside a guy also in the downhill race, Max gives the dude a cool upward nod of the head and suddenly yet calmly tells the racer “ah … head’s up” as a sign appears warning: “Reduce Speed.” Ah … ends badly for the other guy.

I give second place to the oldie but goodie chimp trip commercial. And third to the E-trade Baby.

The Chevy “2012 Apocalypse” ads get an honorable mention. Ditto for the Elton John Pepsi commercial. The Bud Light “Platinum” commercials were the most disappointing. You can look all of these up here.

It seems every year since 9/11 the Super Bowl afternoon ads have overall provided less and less entertainment. Maybe it has something to do with a change in the nation’s sense of humor. I give as my example “Saturday Night Live” for the past decade which presents a comedy that appears alien. Plus, all the commercials can’t be “laugh out loud” amusing. I just wish more were clever.

Oh well. Thank goodness there are commercials that can both deliver laughs and effectively but expensively market its products. Kudos to the firms like The Martin Agency! That is with the exception of the Cave Man. He just creeps me out for some reason.