Girl from Ipanima

Brazilian Foreign Minister Celso Amorim and Secretary of State Rice: Is tongue hockey far behind? Posted by Hello

One guilty pleasure on my unemployed mornings is to surf the morning front pages across the world on Newseum. The Brazilian front pages have most recently caught my eye(s) not that I understand what they say but for the scantily clad women on many of the P1s. On one front page last morning there was what we used to call a “nekkid” woman hiding her assets save for a little bit of the top of her ass(et). It seems even hardliners like Condi Rice get into the free spirit of Brazil as this photo from today’s Diario Catarinense shows her appearing to kiss that country’s foreign minister. Such, sex — for lack of a better term, could liven some of our dull front pages such as the The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times. It also might sell a few more newspapers.

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