Rid us of all evil, please Nick

The Tax Man cometh. The Bug Killer goeth? Posted by Hello

Former Democratic Congressman Nick Lampson has filed the paper work that starts his challenge for the seat of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. Lampson, who served as a county tax assessor in Beaumont, Texas, before his election to Congress, saw part of his district gobbled by DeLay’s lapdog Republicans in the Texas Legislature during their 2003 gerrymandering fest. Part of Lampson’s district became DeLay’s district. My, how special is that?

I can’t say too much bad neither about tax collectors nor Nick Lampson. My mother was a tax collector, rest her soul. Lampson also has always struck me as a decent man. And unless someone finds Nick was sleeping with dead little boys, I think about anything is preferable to that sleazy piece of swamp scum Tom DeLay.

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