God save the Queen

Some odds and ends are in order before I head to the woods for the weekend —

It can only be hoped that Queen Elizabeth II will watch her back (and front)while visiting Jamestown, Va., today. I say that because Vice President Dick Cheney is escorting the monarch and her hubby, Prince Valiant, er, Philip. It would be a very ugly situation to have the vice president shoot the queen with birdshot.

Good Queen Lizzy is paying a visit to Jamestown to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the first permanent English settlement in the New World.

Just a personal observation: I don’t really see why a number of Americans get all enthused whenever the Queen or her sons visit. I suppose it is because we don’t have our own monarch. That is even though some of our presidents — I’m not naming names but included is one with the initials Gee Dubya — act as if they were king.

Perhaps my lack of exuberance is because the British royals were never my own kings or queens since Texas was never ruled by Jolly Old England. Then again, I don’t get all that excited when leaders of Spain or Mexico, countries which did own Texas, come calling. I certainly wasn’t much jazzed when I had to cover a Rancho Stinko (Crawford) press conference held by Shrub and the Spanish president.


Last night I opted for watching “My Name Is Earl” and a two-hour “Grey’s Anatomy” rather than what was surely a snoozefest during the Republican presidential candidate debate. Pink Lady gives her take on this first GOP meeting of the mimes for the ’08 presidential campaign. EFD agrees with A Fine Whine. I’m grateful Eileen watched it so I, didn’t have to see this “riveting” piece of political entertainment.


Speaking of Republicans, “Newsweek” has a story on how Karl Rove coached top Department of Justice officials prior to their congressional testimony over the firings of U.S. attorneys by Alberto “VO5” Gonzales. Maybe sooner or later that smug bastard (Rove, or Gonzales for that matter)will get busted. It can happen.

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