Going postal, porky pigeons and prophetic profundities

Everyone needs a vintage plane hanging from their ceiling.
It is quite nice to take in a museum, especially during one’s lunch hour. Since the National Postal Museum is just an elevator ride from where my training is taking place, I decided to pay it a quick visit during my lunch break.

The postal museum is in the grand building that was Washington’s post office from 1914-1986. The building is still an impressive structure in the style of the nation’s capital being a living history lesson. The museum is part of the Smithsonian institutions so we’re not talking about some podunk little Museum of the Cheese Doodles. Like the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, the postal facility has some airplanes hanging from the ceiling, only quite a number fewer.

Lunch was at one of the many places inside Union Station, just across the street from Postal Square and the postal museum. It has been pretty much a mad house at the old/new train/subway station-cum-mall all this week during lunch because the Cherry Blossom festival is under way and kids in groups of thousands are everywhere.

After lunch I went outside and walked through the flocks of fat pigeons. Union Station has some of the heaviest pigeons I have ever seen and those birds don’t seem to get in any hurry to get out of your way. One might say they almost seem sort of surly. Washington should name it’s baseball team the Washington Surly Pigeons.

Washington pigeons have a power lunch at Union Station.

It wasn’t a total surprise that it was cold when I left the hotel to catch the subway in Betheda this morning. The sudden downpour of snow flurries were kind of unexpected, although the forecast has been calling for snow tomorrow evening. Oh well. A few flurries don’t hurt anything.

This weekend I plan to do some of the tourista stuff in Washington. I’m not sure where all I will go. I do want to make a trip to The Wall during this visit as the last time I was in D.C. I only had one afternoon to look around because I was working the entire trip.

My regrets that I have nothing profound to say — not to imply that I normally produce any profundities here in this little blogorama. The classes I am taking are kind of taxing and amidst all this learning I hope to actually take in some of the country’s treasures on what is for me both a work trip and a sightseeing journey. If I happen to come across anyone with any wisdom, I will be sure to pass it on in this venue. But please bear in mind — I am in Washington, D.C.

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