Why I live in Texas: Part II

This is the weather forecast for Saturday in Bethesda, Md., where I am staying for the next two weeks:

Saturday: A chance of snow showers. Partly cloudy, with a high near 45. Chance of precipitation is 30%.

Saturday Night: Partly cloudy, with a low around 24.

Jeez Dog, it’s April!

The weather has been pleasant since I arrived yesterday afternoon at Baltimore-Washington airport. I had a hellish ride from the airport to my hotel in Bethesda courtesy of a Super Shuttle driver, a fellow with whom I almost got into a fight. It took nearly three hours for “Speedy” to take me to the hotel. Along the way, he had to drive around one guy’s hotel three times before the passenger could escape. The poor traveler was from somewhere in Asia and, speaking little English, had no idea what was happening. But I wasn’t far behind him.

Were it not for a very alert motorcyclist, the Super Duper shuttle driver could have put a little cycle sticker on the side of his van for destroying the bike, much as fighter aces place flags to signify enemy fighters that they blew out of the sky.

I called the shuttle manager today to complain and he said that he would refund my fare. It was the second act of good business practice I experienced in as many days.

After my rotten ride to the hotel, I walked down the street to Pizzeria Uno for a bite. I had ordered a small salad to munch on while I waited for my pizza. Of course, the pizza came but the salad did not. I tried my best not to be too upset, I was just too tired and beaten down by people who can’t seem to do their job correctly. But after talking to the manager, my meal was comped and he bought me a large glass of beer to boot.

My class in Washington today for my part-time bureaucrat job went better than expected. It was just a long and boring event. The classes are just across the street from Union Station, which was a site of pandemonium because every kid on the planet it seems is out of school this week and visiting the city during the Cherry Blossom festival. Hopefully I’ll take some pictures tomorrow.

I am about to chill and watch the news on teevee. It’s something I’ve missed during my time on the street, especially with the ability to kick back with a cold beverage. My hotel room is way beyond my expectations. It’s an extended stay type joint where I am staying. It comes with a real kitchen, living area and bedroom (and a nice bathroom with a toilet in tact, so far). I have two beds and two teevees, so I am having a hell of time figuring out how I am going to sleep in both beds and watch both televisions at the same time. Oh well, I suppose I’ll figure something out.

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