Good fortune falls upon even those wanderers amongst us

Imagine scrounging from town-to-town, homeless, not knowing where your next drink is coming from much less your next meal when all of a sudden you find a “princely sum.”

Yost’s Law: When you see a bag sticking up out of the ground, grab it. If it’s cash, don’t take it to the bank. And stay the hell away from jail.

Such was the fate of one Timothy Yost. Known as a transient, the 46-year-old was purportedly heading west when he found something sticking out of the ground near the Colorado River in Bastrop, Texas. What was in the ground and was dug out by Yost was currency amounting to more than $77,000 in bills and gold coins. Yost tried to exchange the money, which was damp, for dry money at the bank and the bankers called the cops.

The cops took the money after writing Yost a receipt then went through a legal process known as the “Finder’s Keepers Law” in Texas. Publication is made that the money was found and a certain amount of time is given to claim the cash. If no one rightfully claims it, the money goes to the finder, who in this case was Yost. The Los Angeles Times reported some interest was expressed in the money yet no one claimed it belonged to them. Thus Yost will apparently get to keep the money. One slight problem though. Yost was in jail for criminal trespass and public intoxication when authorities decided the money would go to him. The Times said Yost was released from jail after posting $6,500 bond. Doesn’t that seem a bit extreme for bail on those charges? Oh well, he’s good for it, right?

What is the old saying? Something about even a blind sow finds an acorn every now and then? Or perhaps, even a drunken, homeless vagabond finds some cool cash every once and awhile. We’re not saying he was drunk when he got thrown in jail. He probably was just looking for a safe place to rest his weary bones until the money became legally his. Bless you Mr. Yost, don’t spend it all in one place. At least wait until you get to Austin.

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