Gorilla you're a desperado (a.k.a. life sucks)

One would think that by the title of this post I would be writing something about a gorilla. Actually, the title (for those of you who don’t know)comes from Warren Zevon’s 80s album called “Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School.”

“Gorilla You’re a Desperado,” is actually a catchy song about the superficial life in Los Angeles circa the 80s. The big gorilla in the LA Zoo, snatches the glasses off the singer’s face, steals the keys to his BMW and leaves him there to take his place. And it goes from there. Whatever that means.

But the bad luck streak is really the focus of my attention. A friend took me to lunch yesterday and I suggested to her that perhaps there are just certain common time periods in our lives and those of our friends in which some aspects of life truly sucks.

What had started the conversation was talking about the news I had received about my friend, Nick in Arkansas, having a major heart attack. His affliction is just one in a number of problems plaguing assorted friends, family and myself this year. Sigh, and I had such high hopes for 2006 but it really has been a major disappointment. By the way, Suzie, Nick’s wife and also my longtime friend, e-mailed me today that Nick is back home recovering sufficiently so he can have bypass surgery in about five weeks. My thoughts are certainly with my friends, needless to say.

It really is difficult to examine thoughts about what is random and what isn’t, what is fate, what is luck, what is karma and why does life suck during the particular times that it does? Perhaps having a strong faith helps make sense of it. I don’t know because, while I have my own peculiar spirituality, I am not particularly “faithful” in the theological sense.

I sincerely hope things get better for my friends, family and myself, because I certainly get weary hearing that giant sucking sound that masquerades as life.

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