Happy Birthday, Constitution. It may be your last if Richie Rich Romney is elected.

On this day we celebrate the joys of our nation’s most sacred secular document — the 225th birthday of the signing of the U.S. Constitution — we hear from the opposing candidate for President of the United States of America who disparages almost half of the nation’s population:

From a video of Mitt Romney speaking to his rich donors

Romney was born rich. He never served in the U.S. military. He never risked his life in service of others. His only service toward others was as a Mormon missionary in France. What tough, tough duty!

Yet he has the gall to say half of the population does not pay income tax. It is a lie. He says half of the nation’s people are freeloaders. That is because we aren’t rich like Mitt.

Happy Birthday, U.S. Constitution. Your words have endured years of war and peace, prosperity and poverty. It seems like only prosperity matters to Mittens though. Those words start with “We the people … ” To Willard, the people who matter only make half a million dollars per year.


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