Hell, I don’t Noah, you build the ark? Well, moo to you too!

Earlier this week in Southeast Texas we had rain to the extent of an old saying I grew up with: “It rained like a cow pissing on a flat rock.”

Now what that designates exactly, I’m not sure. I would imagine a cow letting its urine rip on top of a flat rock would involve quite the spray from around the rock. I can’t honestly tell you. I lived twice for a total of some three years in a farm house surrounded by cows and a couple of old bulls. Never did I see any of them peeing on a flat rock although they certainly had no qualms about letting any of their bodily functions work tremendously. But inherent in the old saw is that if the rain is heavy enough to make some ol’ timer comparing the deluge to cows pissing then it must in the very least be unusual.

With that said, we are in for more rain. The National Weather Service is predicting that at least 60-to-70 percent of its forecast area will be splattered like the proverbial cow’s pee on Saturday night into Sunday. And at least 20-to-30 percent of the area is in for the possibility of rain through Thursday with mostly chilly temperatures. Aw come on! If it is going to “chower” at least we should have some snow? ¿No? Well, the cows probably wouldn’t like it.

Keep all your cows — not to mention your powder — dry.

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