Say goodbye to football. Hello to hand-shaking sock puppets!

Football season is over. The Houston Texans, my team, got drubbed by the New England Patriots. A drubbing is only slightly better than getting beaten like a rented mule, a fate that befell the Texans last month when they likewise traveled to Foxboro to take on the Pats. Perhaps the Texans should have dwelt upon their last thrashing.

Plenty has been said about last evening’s game, that both spoken and written by professional homers and haters alike. Those of us, like me, who don’t know their ass from third and long about football have their opinions as well. We all know what they say about opinions.

I was hoping a team would be left that I could root for but it didn’t happen this time. I hate both the Patriots and the Ravens equally. I liked the 49ers once upon a time, but under the West Coast Harbaugh, no more. I have nothing against the East Coast Harbaugh. I also know big media is salivating over the possibility of the Harbaugh Brothers matching up, the 49ers and Ravens, for a Super Bowl match. I wonder if the San Fran coach would shake his bro’s hand after the game?

One might suppose I should root for Hot-lanta since a couple of local kids are playing — DE Johnathan Babineaux of Port Arthur and linebacker Sean Weatherspoon from my birthplace of Jasper, Texas. Nothing personal, I just hate Atlanta teams. I went to Atlanta once when I was in the Navy. Don’t remember a whole lot about it except getting lost and hearing an AM radio band the next morning, a Sunday, full of more Holy Rollin’ preachers than you could shake a spared rod at. But Atlanta sports teams just piss me off. I think “Chipper” (Don’t Call Me ‘Larry’) Jones of the Braves baseball team is to blame. I never really liked that boy.

Oh, I probably will watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, although the ads have gone into a downward spiral lately. Maybe I will just find a good book instead or perhaps put on a sock puppet show. Yes, John and Jim Harbaugh starring in: “There are no shaking hands at the OK Corral!!”

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