Here is a P.S. on the allged O.D. of T.O.

Terrell Owens asks Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., if she would be interested in trying out as the Cowboys’ placekicker.

Terrell Owens told reporters this afternoon that he didn’t try to kill himself nor was he depressed. The comments came after he was released from a hospital following what Dallas police called a suicide attempt.

It actually would have been a surprise if the Dallas Cowboys receiver had said that he did try to commit suicide due to depression. For one thing, that sort of admission would land you into the “even more damaged goods” category as an NFL player. One must remember that his last team, the Philadelphia Eagles, let him go because of a number problems that made the superstar too much of a handful.

Also, an admission that some emotional issue is causing problems is something a lot of people will not make, especially those who must appear mas macho because of their profession.

Whether T.O. did or did not try to intentionally OD is something he will have to deal with as well as the Cowboys who are paying him millions of dollars. They have to be concerned. Will something like this happen again? Will something even worse happen? I’m sure a bunch of loudmouths who can’t see the football field for the bleachers will weigh in with their less than empathetic two cents worth. So be it. Professional sports are for grown ups and if you can deal with all the aches and pains you will have the rest of your life, you also better be able to deal with the consequences of your actions.

With that said, I still wish T.O. the best. If he has a problem, I hope he will get the help he needs. If he doesn’t have a problem …

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