Here's a thought or two

It’s cold and rainy in Beaumont, Texas, just as it has been for the last couple of weeks. It isn’t the best weather to be homeless but then being homeless isn’t the best situation in which one can find themselves.

What had seemed like a slammed dunk job with a security company for me turned out to be a real mess. After two trips to Houston, this company wanted to take all these deductions out of my pay which was supposed to be for just 25 hours. But,they said that I could only be guaranteed 11.5 hours a week. I have been jerked around so much by this company, U.S. Security Associates, that I told them they would have to do without me.

If I ran H-E-B grocery stores in Texas, I would be really leery of this company that the grocer has hired for its security. My “training” consisted of watching a three-hour PowerPoint and the whole class helping each other get the correct test results from this ridiculously simple test. I don’t know, the lack of training the company provides seems like a litigious delight waiting to happen.

Here is one thought that I am sure has occured to those like myself who find themselves on the street. It is mind-boggling how much space is out there everywhere one looks. Many parking lots stand useless at night. Scores of buildings big and small sit unoccupied. And so many people need a place to light. It isn’t that these people need a place to watch television or even take a shower. People need a safe place to park their cars or to sleep in a sleeping bag.

I see the reasons why many people would not want the homeless sleeping on their property. One reason is that it’s THEIR property. That’s understandable. Folks worry about being ripped off, or worse. Liability is also a concern for many. Still, something seems a bit askew that so much ground exists out there and so many people need just an iota of it for just a short period of time. Oh well, I don’t make the rules, I just ridicule them.

It is time to search for yet more potential work. Wish me luck. I still accept donations.

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