Hot air and plenty of it on CNN

If some big news story broke — like the bomb threat emptying the Los Angeles school district — would CNN or any of the other cable news networks cover it? CNN has given it little thought today, this being the Republican presidential debate day. Well, there is Fox News, but we won’t talk about them. Al Jazzera perhaps, or not.

But all of the CNN stars are back from the terror attack in California and talking non-stop from Las Vegas with the clock ticking away: “15 min. 36 sec.” “22” “11” “02.”

Well, CNN got a record 14 million viewers during the first debate and 13 million in the second one in August. Yeah, buddy. We are talking lots and lots of money. Wolf Blitzer will moderate. Let’s see how many times he says “shocking.”

I will probably watch a little of it — very little. There are new episodes of “NCIS” and “NCIS, New Orleans” to watch.

Oh well, I’m sure the hot air from the Republican candidates on CNN will remain into the 9 p.m. (Central) hour. If not, that’s all that that will be discussed on whomever is hosting the after-debate programs.

Crap. I’m already tired of this election and it is still many months from today.