How about waiting until we get there?

Today is the day after the first day to early vote in the Texas primary elections. Whoopee.

You notice my lack of an exclamation point. That is because nothing about the Democratic primaries excites me this year. I am curious as to how the Republican primary will turn out, mainly between Gov. Rick “Good Hair” Perry and Sen. Kay Bailey “the aged cheerleader” Hutchison. Of course, I won’t be voting in that primary.

While this crop of elections are beginning to get under way one would think the General Election is next week, or perhaps Judgment Day, if you listen to the political and cable news media.

These people who have to have controversy for their shows to thrive, who must have conflict, are like the little kids sitting in the back seat on a vacation trip¬† screaming: “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Take, for instance, this poll by CNN. The poll says that 52 percent of Americans surveyed say Obama doesn’t deserve reelection in 2012. Uh, don’t miss the last word in that sentence. It says he doesn’t deserve being reelected in 2012. This is, what, February 2010?

The president’s job approval has slipped some, the survey says, with 49 percent of Americans saying he is doing a good job and 50 percent saying he isn’t. What about those who believe he is mostly doing a good job? I’m in that category.

But Barack needs to shape up, or rather, needs to shape up his administration. It seems as if Obama was banking on a lot of Americans being behind him what with his election and a Democratic congressional majority. Little did he know that the Republican and others of the right-leaning have pulled out the stops to build a very efficient propaganda machine.

It seems that the GOP have found that outlets such as Fox News work so well at getting out their message that they can use all of the nation’s politically-oriented media to their advantage. The Republicans and those who might tear away from the GOP such as the Tea Partiers have discovered that the 24-hour news cycle thrives on conflict, so the right is fighting everything that the Democrats are trying to do. Ta-da! We have conflict!

The situation for Democrats, at least for their November elections more than nine months away, looks grim. That is even though, most signs point toward the Democrats retaining their House majority and most likely the one in the Senate. Of course, there is that “throw the bums out thing” that seems to be running pretty strong. The CNN poll says 44 percent of registered voters do not feel their member of Congress should be returned to office while 51 percent would return their congressional member. There also have been some congressional members, on both sides, saying they won’t run for another term. The most recent, and apparently most shocking, was Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana.

But these polls are averages at best. There are all kinds of variables when it comes to voters who elected their representatives to Congress. Also, it can’t be stressed too much that 2012 is a ways away for the presidential election. Let’s see who would the Republicans have as their candidate as of now? Sarah Palin maybe? Gives me chills! No, I don’t think so.

Are we there yet? No. We are not. We are not even close to electing a president for the next term. That doesn’t mean that Obama shouldn’t make some improvements. His first year has been lackluster in many respects. But that doesn’t mean it has been disastrous. It doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement.

Are we there yet. No. We aren’t there. We aren’t even close when it comes to the future in politics. We still have miles to travel.¬† And stop pulling your little brother’s ear.