I don't know about the beach highway

Today is a day off from work. How novel that sounds after so long a period of not working. I have been trying to catch up with this and that on the laptop here at Rao’s bakery. But phone calls, e-mails, etc. interrupt just as if I was working.

With the time off and free Wi-Fi, I had hoped to catch up on some news but I’ve not been able to do much of that. However, I did come across an interesting news item about one of my favorite places in Southeast Texas — McFaddin Beach. This article from the Beaumont Enterprise speaks about efforts to combat the erosion problems and the prospects of reopening Texas Hwy. 87 from where the road abruptly ends at McFaddin to High Island and the rest of the Bolivar Peninsula. From there people can take the enjoyable ferry ride over to Galveston, or one day it will be replaced by a big long bridge over Bolivar Roads.

I tend to not favor that last suggestion. Why can’t people take a few minutes out of their time to enjoy Galveston Bay and the boids and the poiposses (yes I know those words are misspelled, damn you!)while riding the ferry?

The whole idea about rebuilding the highway linking McFaddin and High Island is one that I have very mixed feelings about. The beach can be restored but traffic will likely mean development and, I don’t have anything against capitalism, but I like a little wildness here and there.

Erosion on the beach is something that must be addressed or else we won’t have to worry about either a beach or a highway.

A fellow I talked to on the beach the other day said he believed the most harm to the beach was due to the Intracoastal Canal, just a few miles through the marshes to the north of the beach. I don’t know enough about the canal’s impact to make any kind of a judgment, but it something of which I would like to learn more.

Perhaps I will go to McFaddin this weekend. But I doubt I will do much learning. It’s just Springtime you know? Can’t do nothing but lay back and say: “Ahhhhhhhh!” Or something such as that.

Breaking News: Well, maybe I won’t do that!

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