I (look) like Ike

If you don’t know me you might want to know what I look like. Or not. I could show you a picture but then I would sacrifice what little anonymity I have here. It’s not exactly like someone couldn’t put all the pieces together and figure out who I really am. Not that I am anyone of importance, great or otherwise. And of course, some who read this already know who I am.

So I thought I would post a picture of someone whom many people might know and with whom I have some semblance of resemblance. Dwight David Eisenhower. I look like Ike. I look so much like Ike that little old ladies come up to me and ask if I still wear that short-waisted Army jacket. Old guys ask me what my handicap is. I tell them my handicap is stupidity. They’re meaning golf I suppose. Ike liked playing golf.

I don’t know if I really look like President Eisenhower all that much. In profile I think I sometimes resemble Benito Mussolini. It’s a bald thing, don’t you know. I don’t know if I look like anyone famous at all. I’ve got a cleft chin like Kirk Douglas but I think the similarity with him starts and finishes there.

This morning I downloaded a new photo editing program. Maybe once I learn it I can do kind of a composite shot that has all the facial and cranial features I share with famous people. And maybe I won’t. It does sound like a whole lot of work just to come up with a photo of me that isn’t me. I think a glass of wine is a much better idea.

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