Old Sayings Retirement Home No. 15

Carl Sandburg says get your cat’s feet out of the fog before election day.
When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for me to dissolve the saying that sits at the top of this blog, I do so by replacing that saying and retiring the old one. What? Did you think I was going to rewrite the Declaration of Independence?

The year “Ought-six” is almost upon us. It’s an election year. That’s a funny statement of course. When is there not an election year in this country? Whether the actual election takes place during a certain year makes no difference because someone — such as a congressional candidate — runs for office in perpetuity. What is different about 2006 from 2005 is actual elections will take place for Congress and state offices in Texas.

In a way I look forward to the prospect of spirited debate upon the many issues that face us in this country and state. On the other hand, the bulls**t which politicians spread as though they were growing vast planets of hay is sure to be thicker, more venal and of a greater volume than in the previous, non-election year. The politicians are literally going for the gold.

I have said before and I continue to believe that a better way of electing quality candidates to office must exist in some parallel universe. Instead of squandering all the money on running for office that could be going toward the betterment of our society; instead of the exponential employment of increasingly mean-spirited rhetoric used by rabid partisans; instead of shaking hands and kissing babies and petting show cows while singing show tunes; why not pick our office-holders in some way that doesn’t leave the citizen feeling as if they need to take a month-long shower? I will have to get back to you on just how that might be accomplished. In the meanwhile, I have this strange urge to whistle “Everything’s Coming Up Roses.”

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