If it isn’t one thing with your president it’s another

It certainly gives me no pleasure to write about the kind of crap your president invents. The guy is a serial liar. He has dealt in conspiracy theories for years. Now, he has really outdone himself.

I am sure those number of Trump voters that provided an electoral victory — oh, have you heard anymore about the 3 million illegal immigrants who voted for Hillary? — have his back. For those who tell us non-Trumpettes to “get over” Hillary’s defeat, I could give a rat’s ass.

Trump has yet to preside over a crisis, that is not of his making. From what I hear about his behavior I am not looking forward to any situation of significance in our nation.

I do not believe President Obama ordered wiretaps on Trump. I know of many people who disliked the former president although he enjoyed much more support than this minority. I am convinced a great portion of those who hate Obama based their opinion on racist grounds.

But I also do not expect a mea culpa out of these sleazeballs of this administration. And that’s all I have to say about that.