Will Trump focus during Congressional speech?

Will the world see a more focused Donald Trump tonight when he speaks before a joint session of Congress? Who knows what the First Crackpot will do.

Today, for the first time in his month-plus as the person who was elected — perhaps with the help of Russia — Trump sounded somewhat humble in an interview on Faux and Friends. Although he gave himself good marks for achievement he evaluated his messaging as a “C or C-plus.” Really, I thought it more like an F-minus.

The news programs and headlines seem to think Trump will attempt to compromise with Congress on immigration reform. Compromise is a word he doesn’t know but perhaps should with his proposed cuts of more than $50 billion to offset the same amount of expenditures for his welfare program for defense contractors and his precious “Great Wall.” Trump has apparently signaled he is willing to allow the so-called “dreamers” and immigrants who have committed no crime to stay in the U.S. If that is so, why even bother with the wall? Or better yet, why even bother with the wall at all?

Even the most secure wall will not keep everyone out of our southern borders. You look at some of the canyon walls on the Rio Grande in the Big Bend National Park and can see that the wall would be impossible, or if not impossible, at least nonsensical to build. Will Mexican coyotes load boats full of more illegal immigrants on the Gulf of Mexico or Gulf of California?

I don’t think Trump will make much dent in his time in office if all he does is sign executive orders. In the meantime, his family members are getting a free ride courtesy of Uncle Sugar. Eric and Don Jr. and Ivanka and Melania all have Secret Service protection as they go around the world selling their Dad’s name to the highest bidder.

I won’t be watching the speech tonight. I just get too irritated hearing the Trumpster, a person whom a Pennsylvania legislator called a “Loofa-faced shit-gibbon.” We shall see what happens.