Is that a handgun you are packing …

“I’m warming up my signing pen: Texas Legislature Ready to Move Forward on Open Carry Bill,” — Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

Well, isn’t that just special? Our governor Tweeted this on Sunday and it does seem like Texas is a few paces away — metaphorically speaking — from having more guns out in the public than cow pies.

The Texas Senate approved its version of a comprehensive handgun bill that touches many of the aspects of openly carrying pistols, many of which are not new. But, toting a handgun openly in public itself being new, the Senate legislation among numerous other provisions would codify the “school marshal” program as well as establishes some new punishments for both citizens and businesses.

Kids, you damn well better get that homework in on time!

A companion bill is being crafted in the Texas House which, for now at least, would allow the possession and openly carrying of handguns on college campuses. Whether the law itself, allowing those licensed to carry concealed handguns in plain view, is not somewhat full of holes some opponents claim the “campus carry” provision is a recipe for disaster.

It seems likely that what new Texas governor Abbott eventually signs will displease many and not just the anti-gun crowd. A portion of proponents for open carry are not particularly your “half-a-loaf” bunch. The most ardent supporters for open carry was for openly carrying anything, anywhere at anytime.

The most vocal and, perhaps to some, scary, of this group are those who carry long guns such as shotguns and rifles. The latter in this category includes semi-automatic rifles as as the AR-15 and AK-47. The open-carry-on-steroids group are likewise the most puzzling of the pro-gun group. In Texas, most people in most places can carry shotguns or rifles if they aren’t prohibited locally. While pro-nut gun advocates may seek a constitutional amendment for the right to carrying long guns, which would require voter approval, the fear factor this group causes could come back to bite them — or shoot them — in the butt.

Firearms appear to rally many of the crowd who believe the President is already from Kenya and wants to establish a dictatorship. Who knows what next, perhaps even take their white women. But not everybody who favors having guns think “shootin’ arms” should be everywhere all the time. You may count me in that group.

One problem I foresee is how to assuage fears which might instantly surface upon seeing that the good ol’ boy carrying a .357-Magnum, the quiet man packing a Colt .45 who appears as if he stepped off the “Men of ISIS” layout in Syria Today, or the large Bro sitting in the corner who looks like he could pound you in the dirt even if he wasn’t carrying a .40-caliber. Yes, stereotypes all and you know we don’t possess those.

How will you know someone carrying a handgun in a shoulder holster really is licensed to do so? Blind faith? And I’m not talking about the first British “supergroup” comprised of Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, Ric Grech and Steve Winwood. Are you going to ask some man in a sub shop whether he is just exercising his Second Amendment right or is he planning to hold the place up?

It is about to get interesting as Texas likely reverts to the Old West. I think I will just order in.