It's no wonder people search for Stevi Perry

First of all, whew. It’s nice to be off the Beaumont Public Library computers and on my laptop via Wi-Fi at Rao’s Bakery near Parkdale Mall. Here, I don’t have to contend with the over restrictive filtration system of the library which prevents, what I believe, are some of the most innocuous words from pizening all those little minds out there. I’m talking chillren.

Blood, kill, murder and, yes, even model, are among the words that I type but are made to go bye-bye courtesy of the censor-y-deprivation programs on the library computers.

But my old $250 Compaq Armada E500 and my lack of using it — and upgrading various programs — produces its own quirks. For instance, I am not able to play a video from a link sent to me from Kelli Perry. Kelli, as you may recall, is the mother of Stevi Perry, (pictured here).
Apparently, Stevi is in this video or has something to do with the video, else wise I am not sure why Kelli would send the link, which as soon as I get to a machine with the proper software I will view.

I must confess that I am not familiar with the artist in the video, Steve Azar. I am even less familiar with him than I am Cowboy Troy. But it means nothing, my lack of familiarity with those whom I have or have not heard. This is because I am not with it or happening or down with whatever you call in tune with the most up-to-date members involved with a particular segment of popular culture. I’m like square, daddy-o. That’s what they would have said of me in the olden days of wooden wheels and duck-ass haircuts. It’s funny. I noticed I could type “ass” and it would get published when I use library computers. Why does the censoring program think that “ass” is less dangerous to the minds of li’l chillren than “model” or “murder?”

Oh well, these are just things we shall have to ponder this weekend. Meanwhile, I am sure many will appreciate such a pretty face connected to my blog. Bonaduce to you.

So, I don’t know if I am doing something helpful here for all those Steve Azar fans but hopefully I am being good for the Stevi Perry fans as well as to Kelli, who has taken time to write or send me updates on her gorgeous daughter whom I am sure Kelli is most proud.

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