It's too early to feel this burned out on prez politics

Is the 2008 presidential election over with yet? It seems like it should be. And it seems like 2004 never ended. I am really burned out on the presidential races, a point which I feel like it should be December 2008 if were not it is December 2007. You get my drift? Neither do I.

I don’t care what Mike Huckabee thinks about Mormonism. I don’t care what Mitt Romney thinks about anything including polygamy. I don’t care if Hillary is making a big issue out Obama smoking giant reefers as a younger man (which Mr. Hillary also did as a young man but swears he didn’t inhale). That is quite different from the many I knew from that age who never exhaled. And I have never really cared what Oprah thought about anything. I never cared much in the past and now I care not one whit. And by the way, how many Euros can you get for one Whit?

But I do wonder something. Why don’t politicians have songs written about them that they use in their campaign commercials anymore? Remember “Nixon’s the One?” And even though I can’t recall if he even was elected or whatever the hell happened to him, almost 45 years later I wake up in the middle of the night singing: “Waggoner Carr for attorney general, Waggoner Carr for attorney general …” Waggoner Carr ran for Texas Attorney General sometime in the mid 1960s. I would look it up on the Internet to see if he was elected, but I am way too burned out to do that, not to mention it would make me look as though I cared about something and God knows we can’t have that happening.

So if I am this burned out at the present moment I wonder how I will feel by the time the REAL election rolls around next November? I don’t want to even think about it. I think I need a nap, I sure hope I don’t wake up singing “Nixon’s the One!”

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