Just how stupid are those folks who want to shut down the gub-mint?

Imagine how it would feel having a somewhat comfortable job only to have the threat of it shutting down two or three times a year?

That is the way it has blown during this and the last fiscal year for government employees. And we aren’t just talking about so-called “bureaucrats” whom you condemn because either you have had a bad experience with a government employee or your favorite political talking head has said you should hate the government.

Unless you are completely shut away from the government, there is some arm that is there to do something for you whether you realize it or not. Who comes and gets you when you ignore warning signs in the national parks and find yourself hopelessly lost and trapped by a hostile sleuth of bears? Who takes care of your 90-year-old veteran father who you can no longer care for, nor can you afford to put him in a home? If you get an increase in your social security or veterans benefit checks, do those hikes appear magically? No, and a hint, these increases don’t come as a brainchild of Congress (although Congress and brainchild do seem oxymoronic.) Whose job is it to ensure that aircraft run about orderly in the airways and don’t continually come crashing out the sky? Who administers and rules the U.S. military in such a way that we are not always beset by a coup d’etat?

Those are just a few instances of civilians who work for the U.S. government. And there are many more, although those conservatives who teeter on the edge of anarchy paint any government as bad, bad, bad. Thankfully, that is a relatively small number of people who side on the likes of Sens. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.

Congress passed the Affordable Health Care Act, the so-called “Obamacare.” Now the GOP in Congress wants to ensure it isn’t funded. The country is, roughly, split over liking or disliking Obamacare. There are polls showing though that it is gaining popularity in states where it has already been implemented. And the idiot-children who want to shut down the federal government if they don’t get their way and withhold funding for the health care act? The American public is nor so inclined. Several polls reported by the conservative-friendly Fox News say the public does not want the government shutdown, even if it means de-funding Obamacare. The Republican party itself in Congress doesn’t like Obamacare, of course, but congressional members too are split over withholding money for the government to operate in exchange for no money for Obamacare.

Many astute Republican politicians can see the writing on the wall. A shutdown of the federal government would be what my Daddy used to say was a “Mellofahess!” It lost the GOP Congress the last time a shutdown took place. And the same looks as if it might happen should the Republicans be so stupid.

The big question is: Are the Republicans as stupid as during the Clinton era? I hope not, for my sake and for that of the country.