Just what every block needs

You may be wondering what this port-o-potty is doing here. I don’t know. I mean, I know why the portable john is at the end of my block. It is there because a construction job is under way to lay new water lines down the street. But what the johnny-on-the-spot is doing in my blog? I haven’t a clue.

It was just something I took a photo of when the rain finally let up enough for me to walk down the street. It was still raining and I walked under an umbrella but it wasn’t pouring down. It did pour quite copiously not long after that. The latest total I’ve heard from KFDM-TV is that they received 14 inches of rain since midnight. Provided their rain gauge is at the TV station that’s not too far from where I live.

Of course I had to have my daily dog excitement fix during my brief walk. Just as I had turned around at 11th Street and started back on North Street, I heard this guy hollering and, what turned out to be a chihuahua-like dog, was hauling ass on the sidewalk running toward me. That little sucker was beating feet. The guy hollered at me to catch the dog. The little mutt stayed nearby me but would not come to me until, I guess, it got sick of being in the rain so it walked up to me and I grabbed its collar. The man chasing the dog was out of breath when he finally caught up with the dog and me. The guy looked like he hadn’t run anywhere in about 10 years. He said he had left the gate open and the dog took off. Did it ever.

So that poses a very deep question — two questions actually. 1) Why does stuff like that always happen to me? 2)Why does something that is strange that happens to me usually involve dogs? I suppose I’m just pondering the imponderable.

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