Killer traffic

Some days the behemoth I-10 here in Beaumont, Texas, resembles a giant parking lot. The bottleneck is usually work on the eastbound side of the Neches River bridge located at the eastern city limit. Such was the case yesterday when the seemingly stationary ribbon of steel became more than just an aggravation and annoyance, it became deadly.

Four people were killed around 7 o’clock last evening at the eastbound College Street overpass. Media reports indicated that the driver of a tractor-trailer came upon the jammed traffic suddenly and hit two other automobiles, causing a fire.

It’s hard to know when work will take place on the bridge. I don’t know what exactly is being done to the structure. I heard on TV reports last night that “emergency repairs” were being made whatever that is. But even though our state traffic reporting system shows no work today on I-10 in Jefferson County, something is being done most days in that very same spot. The result is also predictable. Once you enter Beaumont from the west on I-10 until, basically, you are in Louisiana, you’re in road construction hell.

If you absolutely, positively have to go somewhere that takes you east through Beaumont on I-10 during such road work, either bring your patience, or find a scenic alternative.

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