“Why is that guy behind the blinds taking my picture?”
Since about 8 o’clock this morning workers were removing a roof off the house outside my bedroom window. Presumably, they are removing the roof to replace it with a new roof. It’s a pretty common activity in my neighborhood and throughout most of Southeast Texas because of Hurricane Rita.

I don’t begrudge my neighbors a new roof. But s**t almighty roofing is one noisy activity. Between the pounding and shoveling of shingles machines are buzzing and guys are speaking en espaƱol about 10 decibels too loud.

The neighboring house, which actually is divided into two apartments, is a rather large structure so I don’t know how long it will take to place a roof down. Right now it is about eight hours after the workers started and they seem to have completely removed the roof. I guess I have at least another day or two of looking forward to this cacophony of irritating sounds. What can you do about it? Nothing. I suppose I am fortunate they aren’t building a large ship or something with a lot of loud metallic clamoring. The situation could be much worse indeed. But that doesn’t mean it’s a fun fest.

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