Lord I was born a random man

Here are just a few random thoughts to ease you into the weekend:

Bank and insurance group ING is expecting to lose $670 million for the third quarter. One wonders if they might make more money if their company name didn’t sound like a suffix?


Joe the Plumber gets caught saying something to a presidential candidate on TV. Then the candidates volley his name like a tennis ball during the final debate. Now Joe is everywhere and people wondering why the media is scrutinizing him like an asshole at a proctologists’ convention?


Looking back to the days when I smoked cigarettes, I wonder how in the hell I managed to choke down a Lucky Strike. Lucky Strike my ass!


I wonder if anyone could ever get rich writing a book which contained only the punchlines to jokes? Examples:

“Twenty Bucks, Father, just like downtown.”

“That’s how this all got started.”

“Halt, boy-foot bear with teaks of Chan!”

and of course we can’t forget:

“The beer that made Mil Famey walk us.”

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