Mexico to Trump: ¡Vete a la mierda!

First, former Mexican presidents Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderón said it emphatically. Now, the Mexican government is saying “no” to GOP candidate Donald Trump and his proposal to build a high wall along the U.S.-Mexican border, and to make the southern U.S. neighbors pay for it.

The Associated Press article about an official Mexican response to the bombastic Trump came not from el Presidente Enrique Peña Nieto but rather the Mexican treasury secretary Luis Videgaray. One thing that is obvious, though not pertinent like Trump’s lame-brain idea, is that el Presidente is a much more handsome man than Trump could hope to be even with billions of dollars of plastic surgery. The Mexican first lady, Angélica Rivera, is also a smoking-hot former actress who looks unbelievably beautiful even after six kids.

Angelica, Si! Trump wall, no! Photo via Wikimedia Commons and Angelica Rivera.
Angelica, Si! Trump wall, no! Photo via Wikimedia Commons and Angelica Rivera.

Of course, Trump has had what some say are beautiful wives, two of whom are ex wives. All of which have little to do with affairs of state. Although, Donald Trump spoke his mind about the importance of looks when he insulted former exec and GOP hopeful Carly Fiorina.

Much of what Trump says apparently has the ability to reach the inner-stupidity of many folks.

Thus, an idea as unoriginal as building a big fence all across the U.S.-Mexico border shouldn’t come as a surprise coming from a person who seems to be chronically grabbing ideas out of his ass.  Trump always mentions the Great Wall of China when trying to explain an idea he would otherwise try to pass off as his own. The border wall idea in the U.S. is hardly an original idea in itself. And just as I wonder why we should feel so safe by building a big barrier, I continue to ask just how in hell, would such a structure defeat border crossings?

Trump, in talking about the northeastern U.S. border states facing a heroin problem, sounds as if he would just as soon build a wall across  our boundaries with Canada as well.

But my question is: What good would such a wall do? Drug traffickers have continually built tunnels to smuggle their wares into the U.S. The smugglers have, as well, tried sneaking drugs by plane, ship and home-made submarines.  So tell me Mr. Trump and your faithful: Do you intend to wall off our entire nation? This would make us more like the Cold War borders with the Soviet states than a alleged, freedom-loving nation that we pretend to be.

Perhaps in the days where cattle or sheep were the biggest intrusions of American life did good fences make good neighbors. Even that seems like a half-assed thought not to mention immaterial in this day and age where our skies are filled with thousands of aircraft. And that is not to mention how ridiculously crowded our skies will be if everyone can use one, two or a fleet of drones!

Finally, I suppose the subject of pure aesthetics should seem silly when considering national or domestic security. But, I mean, what about it? If we can’t peer into the mountains and deserts of Mexico. Who cares? Or if the next shoe falls when we can’t drive 45 miles south to the Gulf of Mexico, from where I live, to see the beach and the tranquility of the gentle waves no more, oh well, it’s not all that pretty up here in the northern Gulf Coast anyway.

If we are going to let others think for us, then at least let’s have an original thinker and not some narcissistic con man who could just as easily become our nation’s Führer.

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