More carnage as ex-cop cop-killer is surrounded

The alleged cop-killer psycho Christopher Dorner is apparently surrounded in a Big Bear, Calif., cabin. Several officers have unknown injuries after the former Los Angeles police officer and naval officer reportedly stole a car leading to “a chase, a gunfight and a standoff,” according to

It is on TV live. Anderson Cooper is narrating the scene on CNN. The Rev. Al is on his regular MSNBC show, talking like he knows what he’s talking about. And Fox News, they are denigrating President Obama with the looming SOTU, State of the Union address tonight, live. If he isn’t bumped by the standoff hoopla, that is.

Ugh. I like you Rev. Al, but I can’t listen to you on a regular basis much less on a dramatic TV story.

Back to Anderson and his many speculative guests. Right now the live shot is of police checking cars at road blocks. It would be unfortunate if Dorner suddenly jumped out of a car. I am watching it and all, and I know quite a few TV reporters so I understand getting the visuals. But I sure hope they have some delay mechanisms.

I also know this is no time for levity, but a crisis like this, if you’ve got some black humor you use it.

Anderson Coooper: “If Dorner is held up in the cabin and he has an anti-tank weapon and he likes to play Scrabble but isn’t very adept at it then do you think that perhaps President Obama would use some of the CIA’s drone’s to blow him to Kingdom come so this standoff will end by the time of the State of the Union address?”

Guest: “Huh?”

Wolf Blitzer: “Well we certainly wouldn’t want anyone to be blown to smithereens but nevertheless it is something we certainly have to consider, that and the fact that Anderson is in danger of running out air when he fails to breathe during his fractured sentences.”

(Wolf passes out.)

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: “Well, it appears that Wolf has an acute case of syncope. That is fainting for those of you unfamiliar with the medical terms I can so freely toss out there and help fill up a good 45 seconds of otherwise dead here.”

(Wolf wakes up, shakes his head.)

Wolf Blitzer: “Right you are Sanjay …

And we just hear another police officer has died, according to The Los Angeles Times.

And on it goes.

More insanity.

What gets me is the fans this extremely troubled man has collected including those on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. It isn’t anything new, sympathy for the devil, to borrow a phrase from the Rolling Stones. Look at people who adored Bonnie and Clyde, the cop killers of the Depression. And Hitler. He didn’t get to where he was without many, thousands and hundred thousands of supporters.



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