Much ado about Tonessica

As if we don’t have enough to worry about down here in Texas, the nation’s sports media is all abuzz about the new “it” couple Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and the ditzy Jessica Simpson.

It all started with the only person it could start with, Cowboys’ receiver Terrell Owens. That is because if it’s not about T.O., it will eventually be about T.O., who could easily be known as T.O. the Ego. What is wrong with that guy?

Owens shot his mouth off about Simpson being a detriment to Romo, whose team lost Sunday only their second game this season to the lackluster Philadelphia Eagles. Apparently Owens didn’t want his teammate to think Romo’s squeeze was the Cowboy’s Yoko, so he made some sort half no-apology.

Look, if I was young and rich like Romo, and was going out with a beautiful starlet who doesn’t seem to care that she isn’t the brightest bulb in the box, I think I would tell T.O. to just “shut the hell up!” But that’s why Tony gets the big bucks. Big surprise but in reality I just don’t give a damn Scarlett.

My local newspaper has a poll asking: The Dallas Cowboys’ Terrell Owens thinks quarterback Tony Romo’s girlfriend is distracting him.

What do YOU think?

Should Jessica Simpson make herself scarce during Cowboys games?
–Who cares

It appears after my voting four times now, the “Who cares” choice, my side leads 46 percent to 42.2 percent “yes” and 11.8 “no.: I can only say to that 54 percent voting out there: “Get a life.”

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