My daily vice

I just tried logging onto In the Pink Texas. It looks as if they were hacked. I don’t know why people do the stupid s**t they do. I guess it’s because they can do it. Hey, I could probably pee my name in the snow if there was snow here because I can do it. That doesn’t mean I would do it. And I know that’s probably not a good example.

I was meaning to post something anyway about how much I really enjoy reading In the Pink Texas. It’s one of the wittiest blogs I read and the cast of characters who leave their comments daily and/or are contributors — people like John Cornyn’s Box Turtle — kind of make me feel like I am reading e-mail from my friends. Sad as that is to say. I don’t know any of these people with the exception of Eileen and I don’t personally know her. It is nonetheless a daily vice in which I indulge, checking out ITPT, and laughing my ass off.

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