If it's Friday, it's Vivi time

It is Friday and a week full of tech writing just about has my head ready to explode. That would be rather messy, so I thought I would just provide a link to the latest in the search for our favorite missing whippet show dog, Vivi.

A Los Angeles Times article (found here on the Kansas City Star online) reports that whole roasted chickens were left out around the Flushing district of Queens this week as bait for Vivi. Hey, I like roasted chickens. I wish people would start leaving roasted chickens out here. I doubt Vivi would show up, but I danged sure will.

More importantly, the article reports that Vivi sightings have been made around Flushing such as this:

“At 3:45 a.m. Wednesday, a man was walking his Doberman Pinscher outside Flushing Cemetery when a whippet came to the cemetery fence and briefly touched noses with the Doberman before vanishing into the dark.”

It sounds like something out of a spy thriller. The Doberman and whippet touch noses before the whippet vanishes into the night. It’s some kind of dog code. Maybe the dogs of Flushing are in on Vivi’s hijinx. Maybe they were just being dogs.

One thing is for certain: The nation still has Vivi fever.

“‘It’s like alcoholism,’ said Bobbi Giordano, an animal rescue worker from Queens. You just have to find out where, when, why. It’s an obsession now. I don’t think it has to do with the breed, or that it’s a famous dog or anything. I don’t even think it’s the money anymore. I think it’s just the love.'”

I say show your love for Vivi this weekend. Wear a dog collar. You can tie a ribbon around it if you like. Or dress up as Vivi. Or pee on a fire hydrant. Just don’t do it in front of a cop.

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