My own guinea pig

Yesterday I returned from a two-day stay at the VA Hospital in Houston. I had my epidural steroid injection in the nerves near my cervical spine. This was performed in a surgery suite and I only had a local anesthetic as this needle was being plunged into my back.

Contrary to what I was led to believe, this procedure does hurt. The head anesthesiologist on my case also downplayed the pain and discouraged the use of a sedative, since I would have to spend the night admitted to the hospital because of having sleep apnea. Since I was already spending the night in VA Courtesy Quarters –A hospital room without the nurses — I should have had the sedative. Next time I will. Lesson learned: Don’t believe everything people tell you. PS At least the anesthesiologist intern was nice.

Also allegedly, I should not know if the shot will help ease my chronic neck, shoulder, head, thumb, etc., pain until three days or so after the procedure. It’s too early to tell, I suppose. I’m in the amount of pain that I usually am in perhaps with my head hurting a little more. Oh well, I’m willing to be my own guinea pig if there is any chance of easing the pain. Now off to find gigs.

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