Name recognition

John Wilkes Booth

You know you’ve made it as a famed serial killer or assassin when you are referred to by your full name. For instance:

John Wilkes Booth — killed Lincoln
Lee Harvey Oswald — (may have)killed John F. Kennedy
Sirhan Bishara Sirhan — killed Robert Kennedy
James Earl Ray — (probably) killed Dr. Martin Luther King
John Warnock Hinkley — (okay, Warnock is not used all that much) shot and wounded Ronald Reagan
John Wayne Gacy — the clown who was a serial killer
Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer — serial killer/cannibal (Lionel isn’t used that much either in referring to the late Mr.Dahmer)

I could go on. Henry Lee Lucas, Jack the Ripper, etc. You get the picture. Or you should get the picture, for heaven’s sake. The reason I bring this up is because I noticed today the Beltway Snipers being referred to by their full names: Lee Boyd Malvo and John Allen Muhammad. Perhaps they were always referred to by their full names. That just shows you how observant I am. It seems that the Beltway Boyz may may have also killed some other people including a man in Denton County, located in North Central Texas.

But the point here is that a definite relationship exists between all these bad people and the use of their full names. It is okay for your mother to use your entire name when she scolds you. That is expected. But if someone else uses your full name, watch out. You might just be a serial killer/assassin/cannibal.

Actually, as someone who once dabbled in journalism, I think the practice of using a criminal or suspected criminal’s entire name is done in order that he or she is fully identified. For instance, say your name is John William Gacy but you go by John Gacy. Well, you might be pretty pissed if all of a sudden you see in print that you were a clown who killed a bunch of people and buried them in the crawl space under your house. You would probably call up that reporter and tell him or her what a
f#%*!@$ a^*##!$ they were. So I would think that probably explains the practice of using the full name.

Just the same, if someone starts using your full name all the time , I think you ought to be more than a little concerned.

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