New Hampshire primaries. Toot once for Bernie, two for Hillary.

If you have read or regularly read this blog you might notice that something looks different. Well, it is different. My friend Paul, who lives in Tokyo, has a blog called “Japan Racing Blog.” I have added it to the Blog Roll. He has really put some work into his site and I think it is taking shape really well. You might take a look at it. Maybe you like horse racing, or Japanese horse racing or maybe you didn’t even know there was horse racing in Japan. Or like me, didn’t even know there were horses in Japan. It made me wonder at first if the horses were little, like Shetland ponies. Shetlands can be really mean sons of bitches. I used to ride my uncle’s horse, Mr. Ed (no not THE Mr. Ed,) I think the old boy had a bit of brain damage. But Ed had a much sunnier disposition than Shetlands.

Okay, enough walking on the moon. You might notice the image for the header. It sort of resembles the moon, or at least that is what I think. It is actually a photo I took after walking to the top of Enchanted Rock, a big piece of granite, out in the Texas Hill Country. The photo was taken in 2004 with one of those disposable cameras. I didn’t have a digital camera or any kind of camera. I don’t think my cell phone even took photos.

New Hampshire

Gen. John Stark. retired NBA guard. No, wait. That's John Starks.
Gen. John Stark. retired NBA guard. No, wait. That’s John Starks.

Speaking of granite, did you know New Hampshire is known as “The Granite State?” The state’s motto is “Live Free or Die,” and is on New Hampshire license plates. I know that the motto comes from Revolutionary War hero Gen. John Stark. However, I would imagine one would perspire expire if you fell off a large piece of granite like Enchanted Rock. Or if soldiers or other folks started throwing large pieces of granite at another person, it might also be fatal. Whereas that could be a possible outcome, one might imagine the state that borders Quebec, Canada, could just as easily change its motto to “Live Free AND Die.”

There was an election yesterday in New Hampshire. If you haven’t heard the results of that primary by now, then you probably shouldn’t be reading my blog.

SPOILER ALERT: The Democratic primary was won by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, I, Vermont, and the Republican primary victor was Donald J. Trump, a New York businessman and reality TV star. What is this country coming to, or from for that matter?

So why are the primary elections in the state ranked 46th in the U.S. population important? Well, if you consider these numbers you might just imagine. Since 1952, there were four Democratic N.H. primary winners who went on to become president. There were as well, eight Republican candidates who were eventually the nation’s chief executive. In other words, who the hell knows? You might imagine why the small state deserves such rabid media coverage? As it is the media reports every time a candidate farts before the N.H. primaries. Believe me, I don’t want to consider the presidential candidates farting, although, if they all farted, one on down the line from each other during the debates, it might just … stink.  The debates stink, as it is, without any flatulence.

On to Carolina boys and girls. Don’t eat any beans, especially before debates.

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